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Photo Booth Pic of Dad + Us, 1980

I knew my dad for 7.5 years, but he lives on in my heart.

Things I remember about him.

1. He loved his kids and wanted more.

2. He loved to laugh. And did so, loudly.

3. He would spontaneously grab my mom in the kitchen, dip her and plant a kiss on her. We’d watch and go…ewww.

4. He played the organ to unwind. He knew three chords and played all songs in those chords. He couldn’t read music and learned everything by ear.

5. He loved pork chop and made it himself on sunny weekends by our pool. He’d wear a denim apron my mom made that said, “Kiss the Cook.”

6. Every Sunday, we’d drive to the “Little General” convenience store where he’d let us pick out three small items to purchase.

7. En route to the same store, there’d be a hill we’d have to drive, he’d accelerate and we’d do our family roller coaster scream every single. friggin. time. It was a hoot.

8. Every night he’d tuck me in. I’d complain that I couldn’t sleep. So he’d kiss my eyes shut to help me. He did that the night before he died in February 10, 1981.

I miss him so.


P Family | Joaquin Miller Park | Belong Family Mini-Session

What! November 16! The year is flying by so quickly. I wish I had a pensieve (hello Harry Potter fans!) so I could store my collective memories and access them as desired. Good thing we have photography and mini-sessions instead to capture these beautiful autumn days and images of family love.

My 440 Fall Mini-sessions are currently in full swing and I do have more slots available in the coming weeks, so don’t hesitate to call or email the studio for a slot. I’d love to hang out with you.

For now, I’m sharing some of my favorite images from my most recent sessions. I know, I know. I’ve been terribly delinquent at blogging. After the portrait session settles down, and as we ramp up into wedding booking season once more, I hope to catch up on my own family time, organizing and blogging. Till then, I’ve missed all your faces.

Lots of hugs,

My favorite Beloved shot of the session. I used the invite “Power Kiss” and it always works. The little magic in the shot is Aaron in the far left, who photobombed the image, amused at his parents. I know my own kids hate it when we parents “get all mushy”  but I believe it’s important for children to see their parents be affectionate. I just love this one.

I’m a Badge-toting Beloved Photographer!

I’m really stoked that I received my Beloved certification badges from the Beloved Collective. I’ve written about the training before, but getting the email from the organizers reminds me that I am part of an exclusive group of professional photographers who offer this unique, experimental technique.

 A lot of photographers claim to understand Beloved Photography but in fact only practice some pale shadow of the process. There’s a lot of psychology to Beloved Photography, and during a session a photographer becomes more than a conduit of images. It’s almost like becoming a therapist, an artist, and a magician all at the same time. A Beloved photographer learns more about his or her subject than a regular photographer who merely aims and shoots. A lot of trust and laughter goes into the collaborative process. As a Beloved photographer, it’s my job to astonish my subjects and pull the most natural and beautiful expressions from their faces.

I know I shouldn’t blow my own horn, but I did pass the first certification exams. There were only about fifteen of us in that pioneering group! We came from all over the world too—photographers from as far away as Sweden, Norway, the U.K and Singapore took part in that groundbreaking course. I know many more have taken the program since then, but I think I can be justified in my accomplishment: I am one of the first. 

Next up for me, Beloved Teacher Certification. Ohhh…scary but I am so ready for the challenge!

Anyway, enough crowing on my part! I’m just really happy. I also got back from Beloved Collective Festival last month. It  happened alongside the Adventure Always conference in Long Beach, on board the historic Queen Mary. It was an amazing experience and just the right time to get inspired. Blog post about that coming soon!

The Fall 440 Sessions Are Here!

Autumn is sneaking through the backdoor again! With so many warm days, it’s hard to believe that the months have slipped away. I don’t want to let go of my summer reveries.

It’s no use denying the obvious, though: the kids are back in school, baseball is in post-season, and pumpkins are becoming ubiquitous. Time has passed in many meaningful ways! I even turned the big 4-0 recently, a personal milestone that brings so many moments into prospective.

This fall I’m spreading the joy and offering a new round of mini-sessions. It’s the perfect time to gather the family and enjoy the light and promise of these transitional months.

Dates for mini-sessions include October 26-27, November 9-10, November 16-17, and November 23-26.  Sessions will be held at Joaquin Miller Park and Redwood Regional Park in Oakland. If two or more families can book together in one venue, I’ll be happy to accommodate location requests within 20 miles of zip code 94619.

And to celebrate my 40th birthday year, I’m offering the sessions for $440 (tax inclusive). The session fee includes a 40-minute shoot, inclusive of all high resolution images. Recommended for families!

For more details, please give me a call or drop me a line at .
Looking forward to seeing you this Fall!
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