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Auey Santos provides the woman-power behind San Francisco Bay Area based Photograffiti. In her photography, she cares about capturing life’s beauty in its most honest and true form. The pictorial experience with Auey is never contrived, definitely spontaneous, and always fun. Auey started off her professional career as a newscaster and radio DJ (6 years), before trying out TV production (2 years), web content management (another 2 years) and eventually ending up in photography, an old college hobby.

As the studio’s creative force, she oversees the artistic direction of photography and production, album design and product development.

She is currently an active member of the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area, Wedding and Portraits Photographers International and Professional Photographers of America.


You can call him the “baby motivator” or “reflector guy,” but Andreas Santos is more than Auey’s husband and tag-along – he’s her office manager and main money-man. Don’t be deceived by his easy-going ways and fun-loving looks, Andreas is an engineer-slash-MBA dude who loves photography as well. His photographic pursuits revolve around his favorite things: bicycles, guitars, and travelling.

matilda - I was reading a reply you posted about Blu Domain and read that you got a $800 template for $400. How did you do that? Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

love your work

bjay prijoles-jaminal - hi, auey!
remember me from w@w/n@w days? stumbled upon you at sahrie’s blog. I am so ecstatic to find you! so happy too that you’re doing photography fulltime. you do take great photos and you know it! :) axel is so big na pala! yung lang. wish you well and take care of your preggy self! :)

kalyan - hey ur site pics are awesome with huge clarity

Rathna - Hi Auey,
You are extremely talented. Love your pics. Was great meeting you and Milo today. See you soon, Rathna :)

asun - auey, congrats!!!! what a cutie pie! get some sleep girl.
che and i together with the kids will be your area this april. i hope we get to see each other

Chell - cool blog!
Chell here from n@w. I must say, you have great taste for blog theme :)

rissa de guzman - hi auey! remember me from up jma days?

came across your pic through mom exchange which brought me to this site. love love love your pics! i too just gave birth to my 2nd son last month. wish you were here (or i were there =) so you could capture my family in that magical way i’ve seen in the pics here…

all the best to your family!

Vicki - Hey Auey,

I’m another SBV reviewer and saw your listing which is how I found my way to your site. Great photos. Do you know about red bubble? Another way to market your work.


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