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Monthly Archives: April 2011

When the eternal why meets the eternal yes.

Why, why oh why? Why do we do the things we do? I’ll explain the retro family photos later, but this week, as part of an assignment for the Beloved Collective (a 6-week webinar series I’m currently attending), we were asked to really identify our WHY — the reasons and motivation for doing the work [...]

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The fans demand it.

Fans? What fans? Okey…a few friends have asked me to post the image that won in the Lovelife photo competition held at the California Academy of Science last Feburary. It’s already on my little known flickr page AND my facebook page  but I decided to cross-post it here as well to satisfy any further curiosity. [...]

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Wet Wonderful Wedding at the W | W Hotel San Francisco

Reminds me of that old Sesame street segment – w…wah…wahh…Wilhemina!  March 17 was one wet and windy day, not exactly the ideal weather situation when you have bridal portraits planned for Yerba Buena Garden. Good thing the couple chose the uberchic W Hotel San Francisco as their wedding venue.  So stylish, modern, sleek. Every corner [...]

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