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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Don Edwards: Unlikely Bridal Portrait Venue

I love looking for unusual venues to shoot bridal shots and sometimes the most unexpected or plain looking place can produce beautiful striking images. The photo above is one of my most favorite bridal photos and while it doesn’t really show clue us in that the figure is a bride – I feel it effectively [...]

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4/4 Nights with Jules Bianchi

Los Angeles based photographer Jules Bianchi’s vibe is unbelievably infectious. Knowing her makes you want to be her. Jules is practically defined by her mile-a-minute monologues, her spunky fashion style, and talented eye for great images. I first stumbled upon her blog five months back in the Open Source Photography forum and immediately was drawn [...]

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Alisa @ Niles

It’s not quite yet season for Seniors Portraits but we were pleased to get an early start with a picorial with the very beautiful 16-year-old Alisa. She got a jumpstart on her portraits since she’s not quite an incoming senior but she certainly exudes the high-energy spirit of an All-American girl. And here’s a photo [...]

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Martin Munkasci: Think While You Shoot

Whether you are a professional, amateur photographer or a photography enthusiast, I highly suggest you visit the Martin Munkacsi exhibit now featured at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It runs until September 16, 2007. If you are a sports or event photographer, you will marvel at Munkacsi’s mastery of the decisive moment. If [...]

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3/4 Nights with Jennifer Skog

Another inspiring night with another inspiring photographer: Walnut Creek based Jennifer Skog. And that’s Skog, as in rhymes with Vogue. It amazes me how many more women are getting the respect and credit in the photography industry. Jennifer was one of those women who just made you thankful for being a girl. Feminist wiles set [...]

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