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2012 Love Life Photo Competition at California Academy of Science

One of my favorite places on earth, the California Academy of Science has launched its 2012 Love Life Photo Competition. This photo competition is close to my heart, as I won in two categories last year. I’m not an editorial photographer, nor do I specialize in science – but I happened to have a ton [...]

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The fans demand it.

Fans? What fans? Okey…a few friends have asked me to post the image that won in the Lovelife photo competition held at the California Academy of Science last Feburary. It’s already on my little known flickr page AND my facebook page ┬ábut I decided to cross-post it here as well to satisfy any further curiosity. [...]

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Love Life Photo Competition | Nightlife at Cal Academy of Science

I’m still soaking in the WPPI 2011 experience and will blog about that soon but I just wanted to plant a seed in everybody’s head in case you don’t have anything to do tomorrow night. If you haven’t yet been to Nightlife at the California Academy of Arts, here’s the perfect excuse to go! Entitled [...]

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Sandy Puc’ Family Tour 2010

I have been a faithful puppy dog to Sandy’s photography workshop series, having attended both the Babies & Bellies in 08 and Tots to Teens tours in 09. This year, the master photographer embarks on her national tour again, enticing us into the wonderful world of families portraiture. I was so there. Now, I have [...]

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