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Thoughts, post WPPI 2011

I have been dragging my butt writing a new blogpost, while still basking in the post-WPPI glow that one gets after a week-long immersion in everything photography. After this yearly sabbatical, I had to jump right into work and catch up on editing, scheduling shoots, taxes (ugh) and relearning my children’s names (joke). But finally, here [...]

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Love Life Photo Competition | Nightlife at Cal Academy of Science

I’m still soaking in the WPPI 2011 experience and will blog about that soon but I just wanted to plant a seed in everybody’s head in case you don’t have anything to do tomorrow night. If you haven’t yet been to Nightlife at the California Academy of Arts, here’s the perfect excuse to go! Entitled [...]

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My 30-day Bikram Yoga Challenge | East Bay CA Yoga

Alternative titles for this post included “Yog-yogan-na” (my fellow Pinoys would get this) or “Kicking Ass-anas” (credit due  to my friend Oren). But I decided to keep it simple. I figure that the more hits this post gets because of the title will only help spread my not-so-new found love for the century old practice [...]

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Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw

While I’m primarily a portrait and wedding photographer, once in awhile, I get an assignment so far out of left field for me. On task was event coverage of a book signing and intimate lunch with American author, TV host and chef Anthony Bourdain. He was promoting his latest book “Medium Raw” and I was [...]

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