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Open Studio 2015!

So…this is happening! In Nine Days. *THIS* is happening! And I can’t be more thrilled and nervous in my whole life.

The concept is simple. I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Although I do enjoy chocolate, flowers and all the thrills, love doesn’t have to be expressed with just that. And only once a year. The day just raises so many false expectations. I believe the sweetness and beauty of love should be experienced everyday. Spread it throughout the year. Reject commercialization of this crazy-made-up holiday.

So for this Valentine’s day weekend, I encourage people to just LOVE. Love their life, love their people, and simply share. I asked myself – what do I love do the most? Hanging out with my family and friends, do yoga, practice mindfulness, dance, eat and drink. And just be. Oh, I’ve also been in a mad passionate relationship with photography. So instead of the usual meet-n-greet, I decided to combine, yes. e. all of the above for my first ever Open Studio. Craziness!

Open your heart. Open your mind. Make a little room for new things — and you never know, you might discover something amazing or meet someone awesome. I hope you can make it!

Photograffiti Open House

Meet The Teachers
Ezraly Yap – My first recollection of Ez was back in college. She had a vanity license plate that says “EZ DOES IT.” It raised an eyebrow amongst our peers but already back then, I knew she was my people. (Later she explained it meant Easy Does It. Riigght. A likely story.) Fast forward, we both found ourselves living in the Bay Area, doing the working mom family suburb thing. And as we were both feeling some post-maternity funk, a decision to try out yoga was made. Best move ever. We rallied each other at at 5:30 in the morning to get out of bed, haul ass and get our asanas on. Many years later, she’s now a certified yoga teacher at Xplore Yoga! She’s one of my heroes.

Jeremy Adam Smith – I met Jeremy on a few photography projects/events for the Greater Good Science Center. I instantly recognized him as a passionate parent and fellow nerd. My kind of people. He is also the author or coeditor of four books, including The Daddy Shift, Rad Dad, and The Compassionate Instinct., as well as many articles about Mindfulness. When I asked him to talk at my Open House, he suggested talking about Mindfulness and Love. I agreed to the Love part, as long as he doesn’t get too mushy. He promised.



Nathan Dias – Gosh this guy is talented! Definitely one of my favorite teachers of Swing Dance and Lindy Hop in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve seen him manage groups of a close to a hundred at Ashkenaz to smaller intimate groups at Cat’s Corner. Somehow, when Nathan explains a dance step —  he deconstructs so clearly, you just *get* it. I’m so happy to have him a teach a swing class at my Open Studio. Dance has become such a happy pill in my life I just want to share it. And I figure if there’s one guy who can help me spread that infectious nature of Swing Dance, Nathan is the man.

Space is limited, so please do email for me for an invite!

Cyber Monday Holiday Sale 2014

CyberMonday Sale

Photograffiti Gift Certificates are now on sale until December 5, 2014 at 20% off! Available in denominations of $100, $300, $500 and $1000, the gift cards can be used towards any regularly-priced photo session or print product or package. Ideal for holiday gift-giving.

Click the link to pay below. I will email you within 2-3 business days to work out all the details. You may also opt for a PDF gift certificate to email to the gift recipient.

Give the gift of photography this holiday season. The images last forever, but the sale lasts until December 5, 2014!

If you have questions, send me a note at

Happy holidays, everyone!


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Ruby + Marcus | Beloved Engagement Session San Francisco

Sometimes life is not fair. Some people have it all: brains, looks, killer abs, style, a well-stamped passport, degrees from top-notch universities,  meaningful  jobs and  perfect homes. Take Ruby and Marcus, for example. They got their act together! They are so frigging perfect separately, and together.  And if they weren’t the nicest people in the world, I’d probably hate them. Instead, I feel perfectly blessed and honoured to be chosen as their wedding photographer next month.

For our beloved engagement session, we opted to meet at their Potrero Hill apartment in San Francisco. Our mission? Walk around, take photos and get to know each other before the big day. The wedding day planning was in high gear, and their enthusiasm was infectious.  I wanted to focus on getting to know them, without all the stress of the wedding plans.  Paris, great restaurants, cinema and insane SF real estate prices were amongst the topics we discussed.  It’s alway satisfies my inner-nosy-Auntie-self to hear about couples hopes and dreams for the future.

I can’t wait to photograph your wedding, Ruby and Marcus!


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